Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mummy Reporting In

Hi people, sorry for not updating since taking up this post.
Reason being that I was having exam, and now since exam is over.
I should do my part.

Well it's a new DD now, and a different style from the previous DDs'.
And do correct my grammar error. I'm learning here.
Without further adieu, let's go back to election day.

29/10/09, the day when it was not a normal meeting.

"Kar Ming who always is coming"

As usual, aka Kiwi held the meeting.

"The man who started it all."

Founder, Jakun attended and gave some speech and advise.

"The two ex-president of SAC"

And not to forget the two dedicated alumni, Nemo and Hippo.
(Do not ask me why this picture is blur, picture taken by previous DD.)

And as expected, nomination were held there and then.
Honestly, I was surprised that there was no interview beforehand, so I came in without absent minded.
And to my horror, there was a-sort-of-interview thing. Alamak lah!

These were some of the candidates during the alamak moment:




I was fooled by you all and kept going out entrusted and nominated by my dear friends repeatedly.



And after all the whatever thing. Finally the new Board of Director is formed.
Here's the list in case you don't remember. (Tho you should.)

President: Maggi
Vice President: Elephant, Lidi
Secretary: Flowerhorn, Peanut
Treasurer: Butter, Lampu
Sponsorship Director: Tweety, Bobo
Documentary Director: Mummy, Papaya
Quarter Master: Uno, Sepet
Membership Director: Lalat, Hornbill
Fitness Director: Fish

Last but not least,
Jakun treated us for dinner at Restoran Keong Seng. Thank you!
I'll let the picture talk.

"Left side of the table."

"Right side of the table."

"Nemo's tadika spotted directly opposite the shop."


The very next event was ECA Recognition Day.
As everyone knows, our club has been chosen as Best Club Award for 2009.
Give yourself a round of applause. *Clap clap*

"While waiting for the event to start."

"Well dressed Kiwi"

"ID Moment that got me touched deeply."

The previous B.O.Ds were also presented with certificates as an appreciation for their dedication.

"Ex-President - Kiwi"

"Ex-Vice President - Maggi"

"Ex-Vice President - Crazy"

"Ex-Secretary - Egg"

"Ex-Secretary - Peanut"

Missing In Action
"Ex-Treasurer - Mouse"

"Ex-Sponsorship Director - Thunder"

"Ex-Sponsorship Director - Bobo"

"Ex-Documentary Director - Plaster"

"Ex-Documentary Director - Flowerhorn"

"Ex-Quarter Master - Uno"

"Ex-Quarter Master - Papaya"

"Ex-Membership Director - Lalat"

"Ex-Fitness Director - Cookie"

The event ended with a group photo but everyone was not there.

"Group photo"

That's all for today.
Next will be BBQ and Annual Dinner. Stay tune.

Signing off

P/s: Took me n yrs to post this cause photobucket sure was dissapointing.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I am Flowerhorn. Bloop bloop.

I wouldn’t say that this is my last post here as a DD. Who knows right? ;)
But if it really is, I honestly feel oh-so-reluctant to leave this blog.
And I must say being a DD definitely didn’t feel like it was a job at all.
And for that, I truly thank those who gave me the opportunity.
Thank you, thank you and thank you.

And Plaster, I really enjoyed working with you too.
Although rare in a team effort, everything honestly went super duper smooth sailing between us.
I could never ask for a better partner. :)

And I’ll never ever forget you.
In fact,

IMG-5665-1how could anyone ever forget you when you had a sunburn like that? :D

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time Flies and you wouldn't notice right until the end of the day

This would be most probably my last update being a Documentary Director.

Time do flies when you are having fun in the club. With all the craziest people in the club and the hilarious jokes brought by them.

1st of all, on behalf of Sky Adventure Club, I would like to congratulate all the new members that you guys are now Official!

Woohoo! *clap clap*

Hope you guys would bring the club to a higher rank and or standard!

Thank you to the OCP, AOCP and all the head and members of department who've worked hard in this semester! Your hard work truly appreciated by each and everyone!

Last but not least, I would like to thank FLOWERHORN, my partner! Is a pleasure to work with you and seriously I'm happy to have you as one of the Documentary Director xD

You Rocks!

Thank you for crapping with me! Hahaha!

Louis Vuitton! Miss Narnia! And of course doing some silly movements without reasons! Haha

Hopefully SAC would continue to strike for the best and of course do Conquer The Best!



p/s: Work hard and Good Luck to all who're having exams sooner or later =)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Brithday!

I know is quite abit late

But still

Happy Birthday

Yap Jing Shin Crazy!!

You're finally 18 15!!

Tee Hee~


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Customise Your Baya-Contest (1st Sept 09 - 31st Oct 09)

Hey People!

Crocs is organizing a competition called " Customise Your Baya"

Design your own CROCS and Win the attractive and tempting prizes !!

Above is the terms and condition

1st Prize - MACBOOK Laptop worth RM 4999,00
2nd Prize - Sony Camera worth RM 1599,00
3rd Prize - Sony PSP worth RM 999,00

You can also obtain one pair of Crocs Baya!!

So what are you waiting for ?! Don't hesitate! Grab your pen and join the competition!



SAC-AdventuRun 2009

On the 4th October 2009, the event kicked off at 6.30am where registration of participants begun. The area was congested and crowded by all the runners.

Subsequently, the master of ceremony briefed the participants on the rules and regulations of the run and of course welcomed all the participants who've registered themselves for this Charity Run!

An upbeat warm up session was then held for the runners. In addition, the aerobic dances had incur hyper-activeness among the participants! The atmosphere was filled with laughter and enjoyment!

When the time approaches 7.30am, the runners were flagged off separately according to the running distance and the gender of the participant.

Around 8.30am, the front stage of the Headquarters were filled full by the runners who've completed their exhausting yet challenging routes.

After the exhausting run, participants were entertained by various games, dance performance by Taylor's Dance Club and a Wushu performance by the Kung Fu Boys. Their performance was outstanding and indescribable!

After the cool and amazing performances, the event was continued with a speech by the PAWS representative and the organizing chairperson of AdventuRun 2009, Lim Paik Wan.

Later on, a mock cheque was presented with the amount of RM7,000 to the PAWS representative.

Finally, the highly anticipated prize giving ceremony was held.

The winner of the 4km Open Male category is Muhammad Syafiq Razak.

As for the ladies, Lee Yen Lley took the title of the winner.

In the 8km Open Male and Female category, Goh Seow Kiong and Ng Ai Ling emerged as the winner.

Tan Wah Sing on the other hand was the winner of the 8km Veteran Male Category, proving age is not a factor at all!

Last but most definitely not least, Chiew Yoke Chee was the winner of the 8km Veteran Female category.

A lucky draw was subsequently held with many attractive prizes such as Crocs Shoe

and 19 inch LCD monitor sponsored by ACER.

To sum it all, AdventuRun 2009 was a great success for the Sky Adventure Club of Taylor's University College, not only we have managed to raise a tremendous amount of fund for PAWS, but we've created awareness regarding homeless animals in Malaysia as well.

This success would not be achieved without the support of Pester Magazine as the official sponsor and Dog Trainster, MariGold, Sunway Lagooon, Shokubutsu, Dress Your Wall, Swatch, MPH, Pets Wonderland, Johnson & Johnson, Sunway Megalanes, Crocs, Pepsi, Acer and Vico as the rest of the sponsors!

Thank you to all once again!


Plaster & Flowehorn

Documentary Director
Sky Adventure Club
Taylor's University College