Monday, November 17, 2008


What will you guys do if you have RM 60????? er mm........ of course we must EAT DINNER AT SHOGUN!!!!! muahaha.....eating at SHOGUN is a must in our lives ( i guessed so ).......not to have any regrets in our lives, Sky Adventure Club’s members decided to have their alumni dinner at SHOGUN in Sunway Pyramid...1st thing that we reacted when we stepped into Shogun was WAO WAO WAO!!That's cool.....happy to eat as much as we can, like we haven't been eating for ages....besides, many of us skipped our lunches or breakfasts just to eat this meal ( so that we can eat more )......he he, besides having different types of sushi ( trust me......really a lot...), there were also chocolate fountain, ice cream and deserts....( yum yum )

Most of the members joined this "GRANT" dinner ( of course, 60 bucks per person ), besides, alumnis which consist of Jakun, Mew Mew, Lalang, Hippo, Rice, Nemo, Panda, Bear Bear, Ocean, Gorilla, Cow Cow, Tic Toc and Pizza joined us as well. Other than that, others were the VIPs such as Mr.Ronson, Ms Dolly and her family, Ms Alina ( The Rock), and Ms Gomathi ( San Dragon). We were so happy they were able to make it…….They gave some speeches, Jakun, the Sky Adventure Club’s founder which was so “ touched” to see that this club still remain active ( don’t cry…), of course our formal and current presidents Dragoat and Alien also gave their speeches as well....The Rock ( cool hair...hehe) even prepared the script for this.....said she is so fortunate to be in SAC ( of course.....we know, we are also fortunate to have such a cool student's advisor as you...) , of course, Mr.Ronson also gave a short speech too.....

After eating for at least ten rounds……all Sky Adventure Club's members proceeded to the photo session, time to say out loud……." SACCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC"……(chak chak) instead of the normal say “cheese”….he he……tat was so cute…..

hehe.....the night was still young, we actually planned a surprise party for Tiny and Lalang....ssshhhhhh, they didn't know. They were so blur, especially Tiny, she wanted to go back after the dinner but luckily we cheated her to go back to the restaurant again....haha....we sang Happy Birthday's song to them.......they were so touched, let's see their pictures.......wohoo.....

Ewwww Thunder....stop doing that!!! Tiny doesn't seemed like it at all...

This is Lalang, her birthday's wish this year was to find her prince charming.......serious, no joke!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

2009 PLANNING & FILE PASSING CEREMONY was the 1st meeting held by our new president, lets put our hands together for Alien!!it was clearly a new start with new plannings ahead in 2009.....newly elected board of directors are given the chance to organize the various upcoming events....Cool cool.....with the much awaited upcoming events will surely be steppingstones for all the newly elected board of directors...

After the briefing on the upcoming events....file passing ceremony began.....( dang dang dang dang)......firstly, with the former fitness director, Coffee passed his power to Wolf. Before that, a quick brief by Coffee. Next, quartermasters' posts were of course passed by to Elephant and Coffee( ya rite.....former fitness director).....of course there was a photo session for them.....

Durian, the former membership director passed his file to Teddy ( Luckily there was no "Ni Hao and Xie Xie" session) hehe......he only said:" nothing special lah....just tick tick tick, msg msg msg, call call call, update update update and etc...." ( mauahaaha....)Next the "unique" combination of the club's shortest and tallest members ( Crazy and Coconut ) will take on the documentary directors' (DD) posts.....and the file was passed by the former DDs Dragonaut and Alien....Odd photo session.

Following up was the file passing by formal sponsorship director Kiwi to Thunder and Pig....with Kiwi giving her "golden" advices to Thunder and Pig. Papaya, the former treasurer passed the file to Mouse...( wow, what a thick file!!) Coming up Nottie, the former and also the current secretary will continue to serve for the club with another new member, Egg joining the assistant secretary post also received their thick files. Next were the vice presidents' posts that were joined in by Kiwi and Cheese get their files from the former vice presidents Banana and Teddy.

Finally, the former president Dragoat ( wearing a new cap) briefed a while before passing the file to our new president ALIEN......wohooo.....Hooray to all the newly elected board of directors and also not forget the hardwork of all the formal board of directors......(
Clap clap)


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

AdventuRun 2008, 12th October

In the midst of taking on adventurous activities and having fun, the Sky Adventure Club never forgets to give back to society once in a while. We call this CSR (Club Social Responsibility). Haha…
AdventuRun 2008 was held on 12th October at the picturesque Taman Tasik Perdana in KL. The charity run this year aimed to raise funds for the National Cancer Society Malaysia. Participation fee was RM20 and there were 7 categories altogether catering for all ages. The distance was either 10km or 5km.
The event started at 7.30am with registration (but at like 5.30am for the crew members) followed by a warm-up session by our very shocked-but-spontaneously-efficient Coffee who did not know that he was supposed to be conducting it until the emcee announced it to the crowd. Yeah Coffee, you rock!

Opening speech by our lovely Sand Dragon (Ms Gomathi).

Coffee : "Err.... you din tell me that i'm supposed to do warm-up!"

The competitive runners (10km) were flagged off soon after that, with the rest of the runners flagged off 10 minutes later.

Er... did the gun go off?

Ah.. run only la...

Back at headquarters, there were booths set up by our official sponsor ING, other sponsors like the Vico truck and Abbott milk. There were also some interesting games to be played, such as the Guess Balls, Suck Balls and burping contest. Participants stood to win exciting prizes like the ING Renault car and shirt through these contests.

The ING booth.

Participants downing free Vico.

Suck balls!

We also had a “Lend a Hand” palm print banner, in which we charged RM2 for a palm print on the AdventuRun banner. All proceeds from the games and palm printing were channeled to NCSM. For entertainment, there was a dance performance and a band.

The AOCP Kiwi and a representative from NCSM.

Our dance performance.

After the prize-giving and lucky draw session, there was a short speech by the NCSM representative, Dr Saunthari who gave us advice on cancer prevention through a healthy lifestyle. Finally, the event came to an end after the Organizing Chairperson, the adorable Dragoat gave a closing speech.

OCP Dragoat.

We are extremely proud to say that the event raised a whopping RM6,870 for charity, a record high for our club. Here, we would like to thank our sponsors ING, DiGi, Vico, Yeo’s, Permanis Sandilands, Mudtrekker, Abbott Laboratories, Classic Bonita and A4ad for their contribution in making this event a success. And also to each and every crew member and participant who have indeed made a difference by running the distance for AdventuRun 2008!

Thank you!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Semi- Annual General Meeting

Ni hao everyone. The Semi -Annual General Meeting is that time of the year again where the baton exchange takes place between the members of SAC. It was the time where the current board members would step down from their posts and pass on their responsibilities to other members to have a go at running this great club. So basically with all SAC members gathered at room 4.12 at TBS , thus our Semi - Annual General Meeting began. To start of with , each post holder had to explain briefly his / her duties to all members starting from the Fitness Director $all the way to the President . With that done and dusted each member nominated by their fellow SACians for a certain post would have to present themselves in front of all other members , do some talking and answer some questions . With that democracy is practiced in this club and each member nominated will get votes from their fellow SACians to hold a certain post .

The process began starting with the top jobs which are the President and Vice President's posts . Interestingly the female SACians totally outnumbered the guys for the top jobs . Yup females are full of calibre and highly capable nowadays =) . After a round of voting and presenting, the club came to a conclusion that the new president would be none other than Alien assisted by her lovely Vices Kiwi and Cheese. Next up would be the posts of Secretaries and this club is proud to have Nottie continue serve and Egg joining in. Next up would be the post of Treasurer and Mouse was chosen to hold it. Yup it's still all females holding the posts. Moving on to the Documentary Directors, both Coconut and Crazy got the jobs to document on the club's activities. Finally a guy!=) For the Sponsorship Directors, the posts went to both Pig and her partner in crime, Thunder. (This guy here has the passion to talk). Next up for the Quartermasters' posts , Elephant and Coffee were chosen to undertake the responsibility . Moving on , Teddy was chosen to continue serving in the board as he was chosen too be the new Membership Director . Last but not least the task of putting all SACians back into shape again was given to Wolf as the new Fitness Director.

With the passing of the baton complete it was time for the old post holders to reflect back on what has been a great and enriching experience for them. To sum it all up each one of them had said the post they held had been a really rewarding experience and hoped the same would happen to the new post holders. Unfortunately every meeting has a parting as this club will be saying goodbye to Dragonaut, Mangosteen , Durian(and his trademark Ni Hao) , Tiny and Wave all who should be leaving Taylor's next term. We will surely miss you guys. In short with the exchange of the baton complete, hence begins a new phase of fun and adventure for SAC. Until the next baton exchange , let us all SAC members run well together.