Thursday, March 26, 2009


Felt bored?? Want to try something CHALLENGING??
What do you think about a competition of FEAR FACTOR + AMAZING RACE?
Picture it......still can't get it??
Curious? Find out now....
WE, The Sky Adventure Club are DARING YOU ALL TO JOIN!!!!!

Event: Adventure Race 2009
Date: 18 April 2009
Starting point: Taylor's Business School
Registration fee:
RM100 (group of 3)
Registration date: 23 March-10 April at ECA Centre or Taylor's Business School

To get more information regarding The Adventure Race, please contact:
a)Poh Wei Shearn (012-2227079)
)Hew Kin Fon (016-9097955)

Or email us at

What are you waiting for? register yourself now with your friends and CHALLENGE US BACK!!!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Orientation Camp (FIRST DAY)

New and current members went for a camping trip at Blue Lagoon, Port Dickson last weekend. It was aimed to strengthen the relationship between members and to have FUN!!! It was not the usual adventurous orientation camps organized in the past but it was a more leisure camping trip on the beach....^-^ A big clap and million thanks to the organising committees for making it worked and ran smoothly....

At around 8:30 a.m., we departed from TBS after having a simple breakfast at Foh Foh. We only departed when the teacher adviser, Miss Alina and also known as the ROCK briefed us on some safety measures that should be taken and also ordered all the drivers NOT TO SPEED!!

We finally reached Blue Lagoon at about 11. We were divided into 4 groups and the 1st task assigned to each group was to come out with a group name with cheers and an interesting story line using the nicknames of every member in the group. We will have to present on that after we set up our tents.

Group photo...everybody says cheese......

Now time to set up tents!!! It was not an ordinary setting up tents activity, instead of letting the experienced members to instruct the members who do not know how to set up tents, the members whom do not have any idea at all on how to do it became group leaders for six groups. They were assigned with the job to instruct the other blind-folded members to set up the tents, COOL right?? The coolest part of all was all the other members weren't suppose to give any comments and must follow strictly what their group leaders instructed. It was an activity that promoted trust and teamwork amongst members, which is vital in order to succeed in organising and carrying out events.

Blind-folded members....OMG, we couldn't see anything!!!

Group leaders were busy preparing...

Yerrr....Teddy looked like Ah Po...he-he...

Pizza was pretending to be COOL... Sunny boy wah...

After all the groups succeeded in setting up the tents, there was a certain time allocated for everyone to rest and get some water...After about half an hour, the presentation of each group for the group cheers and stories were presented in an orderly manner...Many groups came out with weird names like We are the Siao One and Sa Kai gang. All groups possessed great creativity and came out with a ONE OF A KIND story, associated with actions and sounds...he-he.. Groups' performance, everybody was trying hard to impress the audience!!!

After the presentation, members had KFC as their lunch after starving for quite a long time. Besides that, a pandan birthday cake was prepared for Nemo and Pizza. Happy Belated Birthday to Pizza and Nemo!! Everyone was well satisfied with all the food, yum yum...(finger licking good)
KFC company should consider advertising us...wohoo, see how we promoted your chickens!!! Let's cut the cake together romantic...

After having lunch, members started to play team building games such as the monkeys see monkeys do, Egyptian mummies, SAC friendship tower and the Tarantula. Though the hardest task of all was the Tarantula, we managed to complete the task in 19minutes, WOHOO!! All these games promoted the importance of teamwork,trust and determination if we wanted to complete the tasks given. Of course, there were some members that failed to trust their partners and they were to be punished...ha-ha...
Poor Lalat, being pushed front and back...-.- Just follow me...this is called Monkeys see Monkeys do... Egg was demonstrating a scene in a movie...Guess what movie was it?Tarantula...everybody had to support the container at the middle and pour the contents into basket... Go guys!!wohoo...

After long hours of games, members were given some time to rest, clean up or to sleep due to exhaustion. Of course, members had BBQ for dinner!!! preparation before BBQ was never easy, few STRONG members digged a hole to put charcoal and some were busy preparing the food...lamb, beef, chicken, sausages, corn (yum yum...delicious...) and thanks to Pig's and Elephant's mums, lamb and beef were deliciously marinated... Guess who's butt was that?? he-he...
Lamb, chicken, beef....

We spent the night playing games and also BBQ...many of our food were added with extra ingredient which was the sand, but who cares? it did not stop all of us from eating. Most importantly, we had loads of FUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


It is a month full of joy and cheers!!! After celebrated Wolf's and Cheese's birthdays, SAC had another birthday celebration for Wave, Pig and Coconut!!! Gong hei gong hei....

It was another SAC's weekly meeting as usual, we planned a SURPRISE celebration for three of them...Alien was briefing the past Adventure Races and suddenly, Egg appeared at the door with a Yummy Chocolate Indulgence cake singing Happy Birthday's song....

Lets makan cake!!! yummy...

2 birthday girls and a birthday boy

Coconut is so gentleman by allowing the leng luis to blow the candles, and behind Teddy is busy taking attendances Lets cut the cake together...

Wonder why Tiny is so happy???

Monday, March 2, 2009

Treasure Hunt & Cheese's Birthday

Ooops..we seemed to have mixed up the posts a little. Anyway so sorry for the little mix up. Anyway as always every year SAC has its treasure hunt to find who really is the best and has what it takes to be a SAC-ian. To start off with, everyone who signed up on ECA day met at Taylor's Business School where they were all divided into teams by Membershop Director Teddy.

The teams were then sent on their way to do their tasks such as asking strangers to sing the 'Negaraku'. Check out the guy's expression. So unpatriotic!

Other than asking strangers to sing the 'Negaraku' the teams had to also sell roses in conjunction with Valentine's Day. =) Some of them were v good salespeople.

Next came the Spider Web where teams had to untangle themselves properly.

Well well looks like all the teams had a good time. They indeed found a treasure which was friendship on that day=) Thank you all for participating. Moving on the writer here would like to say sorry to Cheese for not posting this soon enough. Haha Happy belated Bday's a nice portrait of u and some really nice cheesecake on your face =)

I dunno why but here's a really nice picture of Coffee, just to make av1 smile =) no hard feelings Coff!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Welcome new members!! ^-^

The past 2 weeks were the 2 stages of screening process which consist of the adventurous treasure hunt and interviews for the people that passed the treasure hunt...and FINALLY, we got our 15 new members...WOHOO!!

We had our first meeting with all these new members on Thursday (26 Feb) and we were glad that all 15 members turned up...they are going to undergo a probation period of 3 months before becoming the official GOOD LUCK guys!!

Before they were asked to think of a nickname of their own, all of the current members had to introduce themselves to the juniors...

Members are preparing before the meeting...

all the current members....say cheese....he he....

The coolest part of the meeting was the nicknames that they were forced to signify themselves...let's see...

from left: Happy, Hero ( hint: he got the name from the Korean guy from 'Heroes'), Bobo (sounds so cute...hehe...) and Cookie

from left: Maggie (simply because he likes to eat Maggie mee...), Plaster (pay attention to his chin, what's that??), Lampu and Chocolate

The guy with specs is called UNO while the one beside him is Gold fish

from left: Red, Simba, Lalat, Flower horn and Peanut

After the meeting, we headed to JS to have dinner as usual, actually we planned a surprise birthday celebration for Wolf...he was so thrilled and this is a SWEET photo he took with Nottie... sweet....he he...

As usual, the biting candle ceremony ( SAC culture)