Sunday, May 24, 2009

Creative Competition Winners

Hi all, Sky Adventure Club is proud to announce the winners of Earth Week's Creative Competition. Haha below are the happy chums who took part in the competition and thank you guys for giving your best facial expression! = D

Looking handsome, handsome!



Gekkk.....Earth is dying.....

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures, Haha thank for expressing earth's feelings. Have a nice day everybody

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Earth Week 2009 ( 15th April 2009- 22nd April 2009)

Hello once again people...Recently Sky Adventure Club once again held its annual Earth Week Programme in conjunction with the United Nations' annual environmental programme. As always this time around, our club once again worked hand in hand with the World Wide Fund for Nature
( WWF Malaysia) to help promote public awareness about the earth and the environment amongst college students and the public alike in SS15. Below are some pictures of our Earth Week programme.

To help make Earth Week a success, a booth was set up at the main campus to attract students and the public. Throughout the week, every member of SAC was encouraged to wear the colour green t promote environmental friendliness. Hehe

At the booth, our SACians helped to raise funds for WWF Malaysia by helping them sell their official T-shirts and merchandise. Other than that, the members also sold scented candles and organic plants. Hehe though initially the response was rather lukewarm, as time passed more and more college students visited our booth and it generated a lot of publicity for the club and our earth. =)

Not only did the booth sell items, a reading and information counter was also set up to educate the public. Besides that the booth also conducted games and quizzes for the public. Haha ain't the earth cute in this picture? Bleks =P

All in all, SAC managed to raise a grand total of RM 1440 for WWF Malaysia from the sales of their T-shirts. The grand total was then returned to WWF when our OCP for the event, Wave met with one of the WWF's representatives at their headquarters. Once again, good job to Wave and fellow SACians for a good job done on promoting Earth Week. Have a nice day everyone =)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

AdventuRace 2009 ( Part 2 )

Hi guys as promised, this is the second post on our recently concluded AdventuRace 2009. We left of at Coffee's house during our famous AdvntuRace blend. Here are some more eeky gooey scenes that the teams went's enough to put your stomach off...

Hehe even the ladies can do it

Haha dying soon?

Right with all those disgusting things down our teams' stomaches, it was time for a little challenging exercise. We had a BMX session at the local park in Bandar Utama where teams were put through quite a challenging course. Their bottoms really hurt a bit after the ride. Hehe
Raring to go

It's a bumpy bumpy course...
Gee dee yap!!

After an interesting bike ride, the teams were then asked to proceed to Taman Lembah Kiara which is a very nice park in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Teams were tortured the Japanese way, that is they were asked to wear Japanese pressure slippers ( slippers to increase blood circulation) all the way to the hanging bridge. Not only that they were forced to count the number os planks too on the bridge. How torturing can life get? Haha

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6........

It's all too painful to walk on two legs

Moving on from Lembah Kiara, teams paid a visit to one of our main sponsors which was the Swatch Shop at Pavillion. Upon arriving at Swatch Pavillion teams were asked to memorise and identify correctly the Swatch watches they were shown earlier. Good luck in spotting the right watch in a shop full of nice watches. =)

Nice and cool expensive watches

After the nice trip to Pavillion, teams were then asked to proceed to Dataran Merdeka where they had to be patriotic in the sense that in order to complete this task, teams had to teach our national song, ' The Negaraku' to foreign tourists who were around the area. It was pretty funny to watch. Hehe

Negaraku..Tanah tumpahnya darah ku

With the helpful foreign tourist....

After the Negaraku task, teams then proceeded to Petaling Street where they had to complete Kakuro ( a game which is similar to Sudoku) at a famous KL book shop there. Upon completion of that task, teams then had to return to SS15. Teams then were put through a memory test when they had to recall their journey throughtout the whole day. With that done and dusted teams could finally proceed to the finishing line after one long day around the Klang Valley.

Teddy at the finishing line

The first team to reach the finishing line. Congratulations guys!! =)

All smiles even after the race

The first runners up spot

3rd placing
Not to forget fourth placing, The Three Blind Mice

Prize Giving ceremony with prizes from Swatch, Celebrity Fitness and more...

The SAC team that made it happen. Bless u all guys

And at the end, Teddy likes to show some skin ...haha

Sunday, May 3, 2009

AdventuRace 2009 ( Part 1)

Hello once again everyone. About a week and a half back Sky Adventure Club once again successfully conducted one of it's 3 biggest events in a year which was the AdventuRace 2009a combination of Fear Factor and The Amazing Race. Being such a big scale event, planning started a few months back with Coffee being the OCP. This year's event was a success as it got good anticipation from every party involved. The race was held on the 18th of April 2009 and flag off was at the groundfloor Taylor's Business School. 20 teams participated and they came up with quite interesting names for themselves such as the ' Three Blind Mice' , 'Victorious Secret' , 'Threesome' and 'Three Knights Stand' . Sounds horny don't you think? Haha

Teams gathering at TBS ground floor

Mr. Teddy and Miss Simba as our emcees

So we begin our race with teams being given a task to look for 3 masked men around SS15 in a correct sequence. Some teams were quite good with their directions and managed to loacte the masked men in a correct sequence. The 1st masked men was at FTZ cybercafe, second one at the Carrefour bus stop and third one at Taylor's College main library. After that came the sandwich making task in which teams had to make 10 sets of sandwich and sell them for RM 5 a set or more. Sounds crazy but that is just good business..hehe. Some teams resorted to waking thier friends up from their deep sleep just to do business. Well that's wat you do when you're in a race.

Good Morning Sunshine!! =)


The next task would turn out to be quite a challenge for some teams as it really favoured the female participants and absolutely killed the guys. It was the cross stictch at Subang Lake where teams had to form the letters S A C on 3 pieces of cloth before proceeding off to thier next task.

How's it going bro?

Teams cross stitching at Subang Lake

After quite a stressful time stitching, teams then had to proceed back to SS15 for a certain task called Innardtia where teams had to do quite a simple thing. They just had to bite transfer chicken innards using thier mouth. Mmmmm..sounds nice doesnt it?

Ok so maybe not so nice after all..hehe

Beware!! Innard projectile!!

After some throwing up due to those nasty innards the teams then proceeded to a place known as 'Coffee's house' located somewhere in Bandar Utama. Quite a few teams were tricked into going to 1 Utama thinking that ' Coffee's House' was something like an Old Town Kopitiam or Starbucks for that matter. The writer's team actually asked the receptionist at 1U where was ' Coffee's House' located. Upon arriving at the real Coffee's house the teams were then pleasantly surprised with a realli nice drink. It was the famous AdventuRace Blend. Nutritious and Disgusting. Haha..ingredients included were raw eggs, ketchup, ginger, onions, chilli sauce, chilli padi, dried crushed biscuits and all the other nice things you can think of. Upon your first look you'd probabaly think that the blend came from Starbucks. Haha..Wave and Happy were more than happy to serve the participants

Nutritious and Disgusting

Anyways this is just our part one of the race as we have just completed the halfway mark. More pictures and write ups of part two and the closing ceremony to come. =)