Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Orientation Camp – Taman Negara

i hear people going “finally!”
pictures may not be in correct order.
do forgive the un-timely-ness and the cincai-ness of this post.

sac    just as we arrive taman negaraP1080286-P1080295-

P1080307-  P1080318caving!

P1080326- and the consequence of caving.

P1080344-   buli perempuan. ish ish!

P1080354-kuali the cook!

P1080348-  charcoal the noisy helpful team member. ;p

P1080358-P1080359- i have no idea what does this imply.

sac2  canopy walk!

sac1before and after the canopy walk


P2270179-those blue green eyes! 

sac3the tiring climb up to bukit terisek

P2270219see, tiring kan?


P1080336-  our beloved visitor. <3!

P1080436-it’s true, that big, sweaty. half naked guy cooked all our food.

P1080439-and you loved it! 


P1080332-personally my favourite activity throughout the camp!

P1080461-the sky adventure club thanks fish who made all these a success. 
wish you were there!


happy birthday big, sweaty, half-naked guy!