Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Training for Cycling Pledge 09’

I’m incapable of updating as quickly as Plaster does. Do forgive!

Well,for those who would like to join our Cycling Pledge trainings,
it is held on Wednesdays, 4.15pm till 6.45pm.

IMG_3397-1 The first training kicked off with choosing our bicycles.

Then the repairing work such as

IMG_3407-1IMG_3401-1 IMG_3406 pumping air

IMG_3413-1 and replacing those that are pancit-ed.

IMG_3414-1 All in the dark gloomy basement.

Finally we were ready for our training.



IMG_3424  IMG_3425We rode around the neighbourhood and took an obstacle course made by Wolf.

IMG_3427 Plaster with his bicycle yang rosak-ed.

IMG_3429-1the cycling pledge nerves :p

Tentatively, Cycling Pledge will be held on 20th to 23rd August.
For more information, do see Wolf.

P.S – Recruitment this Friday!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Day of Training!

Today's evening definitely is a hot and spicy day! Even Egg can become a fried egg in a few seconds! xD


Gorgeous and charming smile are to presence on the SAC-ian's faces

Ignore Elephant please, hahaha!

I know he's distracting

The members had a team building game today and they took 20 minutes to finished it.

Furthermore, some of the members are required to do Cookie's devilish training as they did not attend last week practice.

And of course, the others are having fun as well!

That's all for today =)


p/s : Video clips about the game will be posted up in multiply! Night all! Sweet dreams!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

SAC Farewell Dinner + Banana's Bday

Yo yo yo!! The one and only one Farewell Dinner for Alumni has come again!!

Members attended this dinner : Elephant, Coffee, Nottie, Plaster, Kiwi, Teddy, Ocean, Rain, Banana, Cookie, Tiny, Thunder, Flowerhorn, Papaya, Nemo, Lalang, Maggi, Lampu, Mew Mew, Tic Toc, Alien, Peanut, Lalat, Teddy and Wave!!

Members gathered at TBS at 5.00 pm and were ready to rock and roll!!

Facial expression after reaching Sagano

Coffee is in the house!

Starving members started to grab the food like wild animals and are dining in

The slave, Nemo and the Sakai Leader, Lalang

And later on, the funs are coming up

Tiny just can't deny the fact that the place is juz like a paradise, with the foods all she can eat

After 30 minutes, she and Nottie started to beh tahan d

More funs coming:

" Lelong..lelong..One Night One Cent for Hot Lalang..Lelong.. "
" Is there any problem ar boss, we can negotiate "

Do you prefer a man having an airplane with fake boobs Papaya ?

Or a Man who has juz came out from the Mountain

And now
Banana's Birthday Ceremony!

Happy Birthday Banana!
10 Pose made by Banana
Don't you just love to see him with another 10 pose again ?

Restroom versus Papaya+Flowehorn
( eh too bad la, Papaya has no moustache, Flowerhorn has no curly hair )

The happy Coffee with his certificate
Proudly to announce that he's one of the league of the alumni

Street fighter - Dashim?

We can see how much hatred Elephant has on Nottie

Group picture b4 leaving

And we would like to thank Lampu, the OCP for organizing this farewell dinner =)

p/s : Pictures were uploaded in multiply. More pictures will be uploaded as well after getting it from Alien's and Tic Toc's camera.

Enjoy peeps!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kuala Lipis Day 2

Yes, I know I said I’ll update later next week. Sorry, bad estimation.

Day 2 started off with sentry breakfast.


We had tuna mayo with bread, mushroom soup, Durian’s creation of maggi cup with mushroom soup, regular maggi cup, Pringles, Tiger biscuit, Hello Panda! etc for breakfast.

Picture4Yet, some were still hungry. :/

We then packed up and got ourselves ready to leave.

P1020159 P1020160P1020164P1020169

P1020174The happy people sitting inside the car.

P1020179 But it’s not all that easy inside with so many things stacked on you.kuala lipis13Second round of exhilaration.

We then headed off to the town for some business to take care of. :)
The members parted ways for lunch and the group I was with went for lunch at none other than the Hakka Mee shop.
Unfortunately, it was finished and we had to settle with an average fried mee.


P1020222-1 They look like siblings. :D

P1020223-1 Pig~~

After that, we started our journey to Wolf’s durian plantation.

P1020227 Umbrellas seemed like the most useful tool for this adventure.

P1020229the pink umbrella group

Collages-1The Ramly burger umbrella group interrupted with pink umbrella group.

Upon reaching the durian plantation, we witnessed Wolf burn a pest plant, played with firecrackers and look for durians to eat although it wasn’t the season yet.

kuala lipis15 P1020251-1  Latex for lunch!


P1020266The firecracker that amused everyone.kuala lipis19  Peanut trying to cut a V-shape on the fallen tree.kuala lipis14  Finally, time to eat those durians!

Next stop, waterfall!
A (falsely stated) broken bridge won’t stop us from looking for a waterfall to play in.


kuala lipis16

kuala lipis17kuala lipis18kuala lipis20Free massage!

kuala lipis21Guess who?

kuala lipis22   Banana and Coconut!


P1020363Masterpieces by Teddy and Papaya <3

After having a fantabulous time in the waterfall, our stomachs called and we went for dinner in a place that served the most scrumptious fish I have ever tasted.
And for a price that is less than what we pay for regular dinners back in Subang.
Too bad I didn’t get a picture of the fish.
My hunger obviously overwhelmed my responsibility as a DD. Forgive me!

P1020373 P1020377

We then hit the road back home.
It took us twice as long as it took us to get there due to a major accident in the highway.
We arrived back at TBS around 10pm and from there, everyone parted ways.

It was overall a successful trip despite the troubles with the guides.
And we thank ;-

IMG_3052-1 Crazy for organizing it.

6328_510227385263_219200697_531458_2128840_n and Wolf for being such a help.
We know it’s stressful.