Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Not-So-Surprising Month

It has indeed been a busy busy month for us. Yes, busy for our wallets too, what with all our money saying goodbye to us as we makan, makan and makan.

Below is a brief summary of the birthdays that occured in the lovely months of August and September (Virgoans make good SACians)
First, there was the surprise for Dragoat and not-so-surprise for Bear Bear as we celebrated their birthdays (23rd Aug for Bear Bear and 25th Aug for Dragoat) at Nando's 1U on 29th August. Sorry to the waiter there, I think we pissed him off by taking so long to order, and it was almost closing time too buakaka.... The party continued at Mohsin for some of us.

A very "surprised" birthday boy.

Dragoat frozen in time reading the touching sentiments in her card.

Bear Bear and Dragoat with their extremely cute alienmade birthday cards and muffins.

Group picture.. hurry up, Nando's ppl wana close shop d!!

Then there was Mew Mew's bbq birthday party at her house on 30th August. Sorry, no pictures here, all with Mew. I guess it comes as no surprise that SAC conquered the bbq pit (sorry to Mew's other guests!).

Next, there was Alien's not-so-surprise party on 2nd September and everyone had to endure 1hour plus of Babylon A.D. at GSC 1U. When the weird movie came to an end and the lights were turned on, everyone formed two rows behind Alien and sung happy birthday. The surprise was partially ruined as Alien bumped into Dragoat at the washroom and saw Bear Bear happily walking past. Some went home and the rest yam cha-ed at Canai Cafe.

Group pic outside GSC 1U.

Then there was Coffee's birthday on 5th September. The post & pictures are somewhere below...

It was nobody's birthday on 13th September but we played badminton at 3K and then headed down to Kuala Selangor for a mouth-watering seafood dinner.


"Hey, let's take a picture with the rice coz it looks so pretty!"

The lengluis.

Ooh fishy, i love you too...

Hippo was supposed to kidnapped on his birthday on 16th September but, yes, our attempt failed. However, we managed to attract the police with guns but we escaped in time to Wong Kok in SS2 where we continued the celebration. After that, a group of us who were apparently too free drove up to Genting to play cards at McD. Yup, too free.

Is that something to tapis coffee or an underwear?

One side of the table...

...the other side of the table... yes king kong, we know u're very excited...

...and the other side... that's elephant trying to eat mangosteen's shoes.

After that, it was our lovable Gorilla's turn on the 26th September, whose real birthday falls on 24th. At Sunway Pyramid, we sent him to BBQ Plaza, then to Gasoline, then to Kim Gary and finally to the cinema where we were waiting the whole time (just to give him some training). Then out strolled Nottie in a trolley with the birthday cake. Sorry Gori, we couldn't get a cake big enough to stuff her in, or we would have made her wear a bikini and pop out to sing you Happy Birthday buakakaka....


Gori: "Aik! So small wan the cake! And where's the bikini clad playboy playmate that's supposed to pop out from my cake??!"

Second birthday song for gorilla by the waitress at Gasoline. Sorry, she wasn't bikini clad either...