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Videos courtesy of Ocean (Christina Teoh)!!! Enjoy

SEATRU, Slot-Y, 8-15th September 2007
(baby green turtles coming out at the wrong time(afternoon)......just cant get any cuter!!)

400KM MERDEKA CYCLING PLEDGE EXPEDITION, Subang Jaya - Muar, 17-20th August 2007

DAY 1 (1/2) (Subang - Port Dickson)

DAY 1 (2/2)

DAY 2 (Port Dickson - Melaka)

DAY 3 (1/2) (Melaka - Muarrrr)

DAY 3 (2/2)

What can i say...SAC Rocks my Socks man!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

AdventuRun,7 Oct 2007

For the first time in the Sky Adventure Club of Taylor’s Business School history, a public event was organized by the members of S.A.C. This is a new challenge that involves organizing a charity run for the AIDS Council of Malaysia and opened to the public. Up to 200 plus participants registered for the event, some that were really interested in testing their strength in the run while some were generous people who wish to help and donate money to the AIDS Council. The event was held on October 7th. The specific reason for the timing (because it was a Ramadan period) was because there wasn’t any run that were on in that time period. The run was held in Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam. It is an agricultural park filled with lush greenery with little extras along the route, having aviaries, a mini zoo, 4 seasons house and many others.

Participants began arriving at the place around 6.30 and entered into two lanes, one for under 21 and another is above 21. The first and third categories (men and women below 21) were flagged off by the assistant organizing chair person, Leong Sai Hou (Psycho) at 7am. 15 minutes later, the second and fourth (men and women above 21) were flagged off. Members of the club and some volunteers from the Malaysian AIDS council were stationed at certain points of the park to ensure that the participants remained on the right track and don’t wander onto the wrong path. They were also charged with upholding the rules and safety of the participants. At the halfway mark, a detour was set to direct traffic to the U-turn point with an ambulance stationed there. Along the path to the U-turn point, a water station was set up to quench the participant’s thirst. After collecting a ribbon from the U-turn point, runners ran through the track that they ran before and passed the detour to continue on to the finish line.

Nearly 50 minutes after they began, the first runner came in, hardly panting or puffing from the uphill/downhill distance run with a 2 or 3 others in tow. Not too long after, more participants started coming in, all within the time limit of 3 hours to complete the challenging run. At the finish line, one booth was taken up by the AIDS council to educate people about AIDS while another was occupied by S-Factor, distributing drinks to the tired runners. At 9, the AIDS Council had an interactive talk on AIDS with the participants who had already there. At 9.30, the Dance Club performed their lively and “hot” dance to keep the participants entertained followed by an energizing show by the Tae Kwan Do club (which included board breaking stunts). The prize giving ceremony began at 10am followed by lucky draws for the lucky few who spun the wheel for the draw. This was followed by a thank you speech by the organizing chairperson, Boey Winson (King Kong). So thus, the event has come to a close by 10.30am. This is yet another successful event organized by Sky Adventure Club of Taylor’s Business School. Many of the participants (mostly pacesetters) were satisfied with the event and commented that it was a little short. Be sure to keep an eye out for AdventuRun 2008!

SEATRU , 8 – 15 Sept 2007

SEATRU is a voluntary program that has been ongoing in Malaysia since 1993. This conservation program was attended by 7 Sky Adventure members and 1 chaperone on the 8 to 15 September 2007.

It began on September 7th where the volunteers gathered at the bus terminal in Putra. The bus departed at 9.00 pm to Kuala Terengganu. The time of arrival at the Kuala Terengganu bus station was about 5.30am. Breakfast was at the bus station but the only stall that was available at the time was only a stall selling Nasi Lemak and Nasi Dagang at RM1 per packet. After breakfast, we headed off to the SEATRU House in UMT, got changed to get ready for the seawaters after the briefing. At about 8am, there was a briefing before heading out to Merang Jetty where a boat to Laguna Redang was waiting for us at the jetty. It was about a 45 minutes ride from the jetty to the resort and once we were there, we hopped onto another boat that’ll take us to Chagar Hutang from Laguna Redang. Once we arrived there, the scene was beautiful. The beach was all white with only trees in the back drop. Not a soul in sight and not a building too. The water was crystal clear that you can see right through the blue waters to the corals below just by sitting on the boat. Once on land, we saw the place that we will be staying for the next 7 days. It was not only humble, it was also fitting to live with attached bathrooms and the place was powered by solar panels so that there will be electricity at night. Upon the day of arrival, we were greeted by squirrels that were more interested in the food there then the new comers. These little critters were not only curious, they were also daring enough to come down to get a bite of crackers or anything that was given. We explored a little of the place and discovered 8 hammocks readily waiting and we all ‘chilled’ out for a while. However, the first day doesn’t mean its all play and no work. This is a voluntary conservation program and we were already going on patrols and started our shifts when we got there. At 5.30 in the evening, nests were excavated to see if there were any ants eating the eggs or were there any hatchlings that were ready to be collected and to be released later that night. 7pm, dinner was served by the staff. However, since this is not a resort or anything like the sort, plates, cups and utensils were to be set and readied ourselves. After dinner, we all headed out to the beach, set the groundsheet onto the sand and sat and waited to see if there were any turtles landing that night. Eventhough from 9 to 12, there were no turtles, we all still enjoyed staring into the heavens and stargazed while keeping a close watch on the beach for turtle landings. Sadly on the first night, no turtle came to greet us but we were still happy to see the little turtles scuttle off into the sea at 4am.

2nd day, the day began with breakfast, bread and peanut butter and jam. After breakfast, we were allowed to go snorkeling. After about 3 hours of snorkeling, we had a beach clean up back and began patrolling the beach for predators such as monitor lizards. Those who were not on duty went to relax at the dining area, play games and even made a monitor lizard trap close to the boys room. The usual activity was done at 5.30pm, nests were excavated to check if the turtles have hatched and record the number of hatchlings and those that did not. Dinner was served at the usual time, 7pm. After dinner, we all had a little rest before heading out to the beach for the night watch from 9 onwards. The first few hours weren’t any different from the previous night but at 2 something in the morning, our luck changed. A turtle came up! We were all very excited as it was the first landing for us. It took the turtle 3 hours as it did “body pitting” twice before it started laying eggs, during which, a second turtle came up to nest. The first turtle finished nesting at 5.30 am and went back into the water whilst the second one finished at 6 before heading back into the water.

3rd day, a little tired from the lack of sleep due to watching the turtles lay eggs, we all had breakfast before setting out for island hopping and snorkeling trips for the day. At 10 am, we were taken to the Marine Conservation park to snorkel, then to another island before stopping by Pulau Lima to snorkel. At about 12p.m. we arrived back at Chagar Hutang where we had lunch and began patrolling duties till the evening where we excavated the nests for the day before hitting the showers and dinner. That night, lady luck wasn’t smiling on us as it rained nearly the entire night. No turtle landings, no sleep on the beach and no stargazing that night. Not only that, some of us who were sleeping in the dining hall was greeted in wee hours by a gecko repeating “ok ou” really loud which surprised those who were sleeping there.

4th day, everyone got up at about 10 am and had breakfast before starting duty early that day. After breakfast, the trap was sprung and we had successfully caught a monitor lizard. However, it didn’t last as the critter escaped by digging a hole under the trap and got away. In the evening, we had an unguided river hiking up the river nearby and it was a 1 hour hike. The hike took us to the source of our water supply (meaning that’s where our bath and drinking water is coming from). However, when we reached back, the research assistant and staff told us the point we reached (we thought was the peak) wasn’t the end. As long as we were still able to climb, it is still not the end. A bit disappointed, we went on with the daily routine and decided to take on the river hike challenge another day when we were free. That night, luck wasn’t on our side either. It rained heavily and no turtles came up to lay eggs because of the weather.

5th day, the day begun as usual, breakfast, patrolling, and everything, but today, at about 3 in the evening, one of the staff, Gary, took us turtle rock hiking. We were taken through the jungle for about 2 and a half hours. Through the journey, we stopped by 5 spots that had remarkable views of the ocean. It is at the peak of the island and at each peak are rocky edges, falling would cause death if not, serious injuries. But it was worth it all, the view was spectacular, the air was fresh and cooling as it constantly breezed through us. All the points were remarkable as they are but the best was the fourth point, a.k.a Turtle Rock. From that point, we can see beyond the horizon, beautiful breeze, and also a view of a young hawksbill turtle from up there. A very lucky view as they are a very rare species around Chagar Hutang. After coming down from the hike, we all returned to the lodge and prepared for dinner. Candles were lit to save electricity as it is limited. This night, we were more fortunate as there were two landings side by side. However, only one green turtle nested, another was only a track. The best part is that the track belonged to a hawksbill. Later in the wee hours, we were expecting the hawksbill to return but no sign of it.

6th day, the day began with the volunteers waking at 9 in the morning, had breakfast and then deciding on what to do for the day. 2 of the volunteers decided to do a little snorkeling before lunch while the remainders went on to take on river hiking again. This time it took them 50 minutes to reach the peak, to the very end where water came out of the ground and going any further would only mean walking on dry land. It took them 2 hours 20 minutes to reach the peak, play around and hike back down to the lodge. Later on, after lunch, the two who went snorkeling went on the trail to the peak for river hiking and head back down. This time it took them 52 minutes instead. After the daily routines, that night, there were no turtle landings eventhough it was a clear night.

7th day, the last day we will be spending our time in Chagar Huntang. Today, everyone got up at 9 and had breakfast. Some went out to snorkel for the last time but the water was just too murky. Maybe it was because of the Tsunami that happened far away. The waves were bigger and stronger than usual for the past few days because of that. As we could hardly see a thing, we only snorkel a while before heading back to the lodge to get back to duty and lunch. Daily routines were done till nightfall and all of us were busy during the day, carving our nicknames onto dried corals to mark our presence there. That night, it was a bonus. At about 10 to 11 pm, one of the staff told us that there were 4 landings and 3 nestings, one of which is the rare and elusive hawksbill turtle. 3 green turtle landings and 2 nestings were recorded. The staff did most of the recordings while they asked us to watch over the hawksbill. When the time came, the hawksbill turtle had begun laying eggs, we went over to watch and even recorded the event. The nest was excavated right away as the place it chose to lay its eggs was not suitable and had to be moved. The hawksbill turtle layed 157 eggs before it stopped and started to close the nest. This species was not only small, it was much faster as well. It took a much shorter time to lay eggs and close the nest. It even got lost by going into the jungle but then found its way out again after a while. It moved much faster than the green turtle as well and its way of moving was also different, rather than putting the front flippers forward and pulling, it moved with both front and back flippers and scuttle forward. Later that night, there wasn’t any more landing or nesting but seeing the hawksbill was enough to satisfy us.

Last day, all of us woke up earlier than usual, at 8a.m., cleaned up the place and made breakfast. After all was done, when we were all packed up and ready to head back to the land mass, Prof Chan, the program director, came with sponsors and the media, including NTV7. The media made interviews, and some of the volunteers did some demo for the press. After all was done, all the volunteers were taken back to Laguna Redang to hop onto the ferry ride back to Merang Jetty. At the end of the journey, all of us were feeling sad for leaving the island. It was like we were all used to living there, the clean air, away from the hustle and bustle of city life and just taking things easy and slow. It will be a memory that will stay for a very long time in the hearts and minds of the volunteers who went to this program. It was also a good chance to get to know and bond with one another as they have to spend an entire week with each other, eating each other’s cooking, helping out with the cleaning and all the activities that were done there. Lastly, this is one of the best trip organized by Sky Adventure Club of Taylors University College for the year! Accomplish or do not begin!!

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Cycling Pledge , August 2007

On August 17 to 20, Sky Adventure Club of Taylors University College took on a new challenge which has never been attempted before. It was not a normal outing like in the past, not the usual camping or hiking experience that was done again and again, this was a cycling pledge which aimed to put advertising on a new edge by cycling all the way from Subang Jaya down to Muar, Johor and doing road shows along the way in conjunction with our great country’s 50th birthday. The pledge was not another Guinness World Record moment; however, it turned out to be an adventure to be remembered for the 15 participants and 1 chaperone that took on this challenge. This was a pledge where Raleigh sponsored S.A.C 10 hybrid bikes and one special bike which looks like a hot rod with flames on its sides, in red and without brakes to cycle and advertise at road shows during the journey. A cycling trip not for the faint hearted, but a challenge that required patience, perseverance, mental strength and also physical strength to complete and survive. Along the way, there were not only cars and straight roads but also steep hills, dusty roads, heavy traffic and also the blistering hot sun to endure to reach our destination. But there is also goodness in it, we were also able to enjoy the scenic view of taking trunk roads to our destination, the fresh air of the woods rather than the usual and boring route of a highway and occasionally the fun and fast paced downhill rides that come after the treacherous uphill. We made stops at a few famous places to do our road shows that will be explained in the following paragraphs.

Day 1

All of us gathered at Taylor’s Business School ground floor at 6 a.m. to pack up, distribute things to bring and for the cyclist, to get changed and prepare for the journey. We took about an hour or so to stuff the things into a van and 2 Myvi’s that will be accompanying us along the way. We moved out in a guy-girl-guy-girl formation with our president as the lead of the troupe. Each of us took the first few hours easy as we battled early morning traffic before making it into the clearer and also narrower roads. We took the route via USJ and turn off after The Summit to the LDP to Jalan Puchong. After passing the Puchong Utama – Seri Kembangan LDP toll, we had a police escort us all the way to Putrajaya where we parted ways and the cyclist made our way to the big mosque in Putrajaya. We took turns going for lunch and opened our stand with the Fly.FM crew with us and giving out goodie bags and flags. At around 2 something we left the mosque area and continued with our journey. As web battled our way through the mountains and dusty roads, one of our cyclist had a cramp and amazingly enough, at that moment, an ambulance van passed by and they even turned and stopped to see if we were alright. Something you don’t see every day. On and on, we went and we traveled and finally reached Port Dickson at around 10 p.m. All the cyclists were exhausted and rested at an open area where the crew cooked dinner. We had a marvelous baked bean with luncheon meat mixed with rice for dinner and after dinner, at around 11p.m. we set up camp, went over to a public restroom to bathe and clean up before hitting the sack.

Starting point - TBS
At Puchong Utama
On the way to Putrajaya
Roadshow at Putrajaya

with FlyFm crews at Putrajaya
Day 2

In the morning, at around 5a.m. it was raining so heavily that we got up and packed up and stayed in the cars till it was over. At around 7 a.m. the crew cooked breakfast and we ate our fill till at about 9 something, we all packed up and prepared to continue on with our journey. The journey on the second day was not as long the first day, we picked up the pace and cycled at a faster speed and also there wasn’t as difficult as the first day with less uphill climbs and not as steep as well. At around 5p.m. we arrived Malacca and stop by Jonker street to have a go at their famous cendols. Then at 7p.m. our stand was set up and we began promoting and doing our road show till about 9p.m. After we finished doing the road show, we packed up and head back for some R & R for the last day of the pledge.

Port Dickson
On the way to Malacca
At Jonker Street

Malacca's Cendol

Roadshow at Jonker Street , Malacca
Day 3

Everyone got up at around 9 something and had breakfast before starting off for the final leg of the journey. At 10 something, we headed out and pushed on to Muar. This leg of the journey was the shortest of the whole trip as the journey lasted only about 4 hours where we stopped at Tanjung Emas to have our lunch cooked by the crew of course. At about 4 something, we left Tanjung Emas and headed to town where we set up our stand and began promoting till about 5.45 when we finished, packed up and did a little shopping for ‘otak otak’ before departing back to Malacca. At about 7 something, we stopped and dismantled the bikes, stuff it in the van and headed back to Malacca.

We did it !

Roadshow at Muar

Day 4

At the end of our rigorous journey, we all woke up at about 9 to 10 a.m. had chicken rice balls near Jonker Street for breakfast and walked around to shop for souvenirs before heading back to Kuala Lumpur and arrived at Subang Jaya at about 5 p.m. where the bikes were unloaded, reassembled and kept at Taylors Business School car parl, packed up our belongings and headed home for the comfort of our own beds.

Overall, this is another successful event that was organized by the Sky Adventure Club of Taylors University College. Accomplish or Do Not Begin!!!

Mount Nuang Orientation Trip , August 2007

Recently on August 14 2007, 15 brave hikers ,(8 senior members and 6 junior members accompanied by the club advisor Miss Alina, a.k.a “The Rock”) hiked up Mount Nuang, Hulu Langat. This is no ordinary hike to the junior as for the senior it is just another adventure hike but for the junior, it’s an orientation camp that they’ll not forget anytime soon.

At 7.30 in the morning, the members arrived and gathered at Taylor’s Business School to pack supplies and equipment for the hike. After everyone was done packing and stuffing their bags into the cars, we had a marvelous breakfast at the newly named Foh Foh restaurant beside TBS and departed at 9 in the morning. On the way, we made a stop near the entrance of Hulu Langat for the OCP to ‘tapau’ lunch before continuing on with the journey to the base of Mount Nuang.

Arrival at base camp was a little behind schedule. We arrived at 11.30 and started preparing for the hike. At 11.35, we began hiking and it was no easy walk in the jungle. The hike was about a 70%to 80% uphill and about 20% to 30% downhill hike from the beginning. It led from a yellow dust road used by trucks and motorcycles to move up and down the mountain to gather forest fruits such as durians(yes, there were durian trees along the way but in a safe distance from our heads) and banana trees. After hiking up the dirt and slightly muddy road for 3 hours, we finally arrived at the first sighting of a cool, clean and refreshing waterfall. There we made a short stop to enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest cupped with the cooling waterfall and began chowing down on the lunch that was bought earlier. About 20 to 30 minutes later, we continued our journey upward and reached the camp site known as Lolo Campsite. The place was large enough to support 200 campers at a time and we found ourselves a wonderful spot near the waterfall and also away from other campers.

We reached our camp site at 3.10pm and began setting up tents and relaxing from our tiring journey upward. Shortly after relaxing, everyone headed to the waterfall and enjoyed sitting and chatting around in the small area that we had. The water was clean and cold and cold, and I mean REALLY cold to the point that if you jumped in directly, you’d jump straight out from shock of the cold water. We also had a little splashing game where the guys ganged up and splashed the girls who were afraid to dip into the freezing water whilst the guys, took a dip into cold water one by one.

After playing around in the water, the guys started scouring for firewood while the girls distributed and planed what to cook for dinner with the ingredients supplied. At night, we all had a filling dinner and played ‘Mafia’ and ‘pump pump’ till its lights out at 10.30. Some of us woke up at 4.30 am to refill our water bottles with fresh clean untouched water.

At 7 am we cooked breakfast with leftover from dinner and also some tuna biscuits that were supplied. After breakfast, 4 brave men went back into the freezing water in the morning to enjoy one last dip in the stream nearby. At 9.30 we packed up and took pictures of our success on conquering Mount Nuang and started heading down at 10.30. We arrived at the base at 1.30 and head back to Subang Jaya where we had lunch before going home to clean up and rest. Yet another mission accomplished by the members of S.A.C!

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FUN night performance

SAC FUN night performance ~ Enjoy =)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Paintball , July 2007

On 28th of July 2007, there was a showdown at the Paintball Park in Subang Lake. The event was organized by Sky Adventure Club members, Timothy Lim Tian-Ming a.k.a Ice-T and Cimberly Lai SeYen a.k.a Laici and was attended by 13 members from S.A.C.

It started out with lunch in SeaView in Subang Jaya at 12 where the players started to gather. Not too long later, the rain came and our hopes for a good and dry game were washed away. But thankfully, the rain stopped not too long after our arrival at Subang Lake.

Before we began, we were briefed by the staff there about safety and the rules of Paintball, for example, no shooting at close range and to keep the gun locked once we were outside the cage. The 13 brave members who were playing divided into 2 different teams. One had 4 girls and 3 guys while another is made up of 3 guys and 3 girls.

And so it begins, a 6 on 7 match between the two teams has begun. We played in a cage filled with giant bags that we use as cover and advanced on the opposing team. The first round belongs to the team with 7 members. It was a total win with only 3 casualties.

The second round onwards, the tide turns a complete 180. Team 2, with only 6 members won the second to the last round with a complete victory streak with only about 2 to 3 casualties per round.

Even though it was a rough and wet game, it was still wonderful and fun, not to mention exhilarating game of paintball. In the end of the day, everyone was satisfied though tired from all that running around in the game. And that wraps it up for the Paintball game for S.A.C members of 2007. Hope to have another game next year.



Banana's Team

Charlie's Angels Version

Hippo , Kangaroo , Gorilla

Ocean , Pau2 , Alien

Lalang , Laici , Salad

Paintball War game

Hippo's Team


Kesian lalang ..lolx

Fellowship Unite Night 2007

As the title has indicated, it was a FUN night for Sky Adventure Club members that night. Orientation night is the nice where we, as the members of S.A.C are able to shine to new people that are about to enter Taylors college. With our booth, a tent with leaves and branches and a little miniature artificial fire set up beside our booth. There are also the bicycles that we got from LaReigh displayed there at the side together with pictures and the club mission and vision for people to read.

But that is not where the fun is. The fun starts when all of us were ushered to the main hall where all the newbies are. First performance was done by the Music Club singing a Chinese song. Next in line is the Chinese Society. They performed a sketch, showcasing why it is important to know mandarin. The next performance is of course, from yours truly, S.A.C. The performance had 4 different part to it. The first in 3 guys as the base, performing the base background for Stand By Me while the other members sang the lyrics and in the midst, the two main character, Hippo and Alien meet and fall madly in love. The next is when they pause and Lalang and Pau Pau sing a part palyed by Timon and Pumba in The Lion King, singing the end of their friendship with the arrival of the girl. The 3rd part of the performance focuses on a brown hippo singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight with 3 dancers mimicking the dog in the animation and lastly, to close the performance, all the dancers, 12 members danced to the tune of Bring It All Back by S Club 7. The last performance is an introduction by AISEC about their club and what their about.

All in all, it was a FUN night and after the event was over, about 10 members went up to Genting to simply enjoy the night with Cho Dai Di and yam cha at a mamak around the area. And to this event, it was truly, a FUN night for us.

Mother & Son ( Pau2 & King Kong )


Say Cheese =)