Saturday, December 6, 2008

Irau Hiking Trip, 29th November - 30th November 2008

With no exception, 7 Sky Adventurers hiked up Gunung Irau for the 3rd time this year. Although the number of hikers is obviously fewer than the previous batch, their spirit still strong!! We gathered as early as 4 a.m. and we took off from Taylor's Business School about 4: 35a.m. After several hours of driving, we finally reached Brinchang and had a light breakfast (roti canai with drinks), it was really cool up here in Cameron. When we were eating, Hippo started to scare some of the 1st time hikers saying that the thickness of the mud is about 15cm, showing the thickness with his hands some more (scary...@-@)

After everyone was all set, we headed at the foot of Mt. Irau. The weather was quite good, cool but still damp. To our surprised, it was not only our group who was going to hike only, joining us was a group of 5, one of the hikers dressed like he was going for a war (funny....ha-ha). And we began our journey...

It was quite easy at the beginning, everybody was R-E-L-A-X. We kept moving forward, sometimes we talked along the way up and down the mountain, some sang too, sometimes silence filled the air. We stopped for water, to rest so that we had enough energy to move forward as there was a long way ahead. We hiked enthusiastically so that we could reach the peak as soon as possible. With Hippo leading us, taught us the technique to walk through the mud, it was much easier (not as hard as what Hippo said...he he). After approximately 3 hours of hiking, we finally reached Anak Irau (not the peak yet). All of us were really tired, we took a rest there. We ate some energy bars and of course drank some water to keep us filled with energy. We were so happy to meet our Taylor's lecturer at Anak Irau, with his bunch of friends. Actually he is not our lecturer, but Dragonaut Chemistry's lecturer, he took some pictures for us too. Due to time constraint, we decided not to hike further to the peak of Mt.Irau, not that we couldn't, but due to TIME CONSTRAINT.

After half an hour of rest, we began to hike back, the process of hiking back had slowed down a little due to the lack of energy (for the 1st time hikers). Unfortunately, the rain began to pour down, blurring our visions and the condition was even muddier. But we didn't stop because of that. We met some hikers along the way back, there was a group of 80 people who were hiking up. We exchanged regards, wishing each other good luck, grinned to them. Most of us were wondering when we will reach. How long was it?? Finally, light in front of us, we saw the hanging bridge, we were closer and closer. Everyone just couldn't wait for a single minute to reach, we moved even faster...Muahahahha, finally, we reached. We cleaned ourselves before we returned to the rented apartment.

Other Sky Adventurers joined us for dinner after that, we had warm steamboat for dinner, it was especially nice to have steamboat when we were at Cameron (cold place...yum yum). Besides, we visited the pasar malam nearby, non stop eating. We stayed up quite late to play cards and computer games, finally we ended the exhausted day about 2a.m. Next morning, we left Cameron and headed to Ipoh to have lunch, the famous white chicken with bean spouts. We drove to a shop to buy some Ipoh products before we drove back to Subang.

Yahoo!! we reached Anak Irau......say cheese......