Friday, September 4, 2009

Sky Adventure Club - AdventuRun 2009

To all our respective readers:

Sky Adventure Club is organizing an event called AdventuRun 2009.

This event is a
CHARITY RUN and the purpose of this event is to raise fund and the fund raised will goes to Progressive Animal Welfare Society also known as PAWS

This is the details of the event:

Date: 4th October 2009 ( Sunday )

Venue: Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Time: 6am ~ 11am

Registration starts on: 07-09-2009 at Taylor's University College (Main Campus) or Taylor's Business School (Ground Floor)

Participation fee: RM25 ( Same for all category )


50 and below

Open (M) 4km (W) 4km

Open (M) 8km (W) 8km

Veteran ( Above 50 yrs old )

Open (M) 8km (W) 8km

Furthermore, we do accept donation with a minimum amount of RM5.00.

Show your generosity and support this event. The animals need food, shelter and love!

This is the running route of the AdventuRun 2009

You can also view our fan page in Facebook as well:

Please come and support this event as the animals out there need your help!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Orientation Camp - Cherating

At 0630 0700, participants of the Orientation Camp departed from TBS in four cars. Namely, Banana’s, Wolf’s, Lalat’s and Sand Dragon’s.

IMG_4179-1the thief and the man with the long tongue.
orientation camp10Toilet break in the middle of the journey.
IMG_4199-1IMG_4200-1 Pig being harassed by Elephant. :p

We also stopped by Kuantan to have curry mee as lunch.orientation camp11 Satisfied faces from having a scrumptious meal.

And finally, we arrived

IMG_4213-1to the beautiful Cherating
IMG_4245-1where Cookie awaits.

And immediately, we kicked off with the first game.
In this game, we are given a paper filled with details such as an animal you’d want to be, which SAC member you’d hug, which SAC member you’d like to be and find an SAC member that never slept in class.

orientation camp So we started our search.

IMG_4237-1   Then, it was time for the truth to be revealed.
IMG_4239-1and it seemed like everyone was intrigued by it.


Mouse conducted the second game which requires fellow team mates to form a specific arrangement according to the paper they drew.
For example, a paper that says 5 hands and 4 legs would require all team members to only have that amount of hands and legs touching a small cardboard which acts as the platform.
The aim of the game was to generate a closer bond among team mates.

orientation camp1 and it did reach it’s aim.

orientation camp2 we got closer.

IMG_4272-1 very close, indeed.

Next, it was time to set up the tents.

orientation camp3IMG_4286-2 Fish looking very mak cik beli sayur with that tent bag.

After setting up tent, we went on to our 3rd team building game.
This is a game which involves teams retrieving and flinging water balloons to other teams using a towel.

IMG_4300-2Team Hornbill.

orientation camp4Losers or winners, I believe everyone had a good laugh in this game.

Subsequently,it was the Amoeba Race.
Participants were split into two large groups where there is one navigator who conveniently broke his two legs and required one fella to carry him around, some acted as the cytoplasm whereas the rest of them were the membrane which had to link their arms together.
The navigator holds a parchment that describes the directions to follow and directs the rest of them.

orientation camp5I haven’t seen any pictures of the teams as the amoeba, but it will be posted up as soon as I received any.

[edited 030909] The next game is water rugby. Much like the regular rugby, the aim is to snatch the ball and bring it over to safety. But the twist is, there is only one member of the team that can touch the ball. And this member has to sit on the shoulders of another member while the rest acts as the bodyguard.
However, due to insufficient time and confusions among the players, this game was unsuccessful and participants ended up just getting the ball back to shore.

As the sun begins to set, participants prepare for the much anticipated barbecue.

orientation camp6IMG_4363-1 The best food in the barbecue.

Due to lack of food, participants head to the nearby restaurant where we waited for hours till the food arrived.

Finally, everyone went to bed or more specifically, a sleeping bag.

On the second day, plans to start with the activities at 0500 failed due to the rain.
Instead, we woke up at 0700 and had our breakfast.

Once the rain stopped, we played a treasure hunt where we looked for bottles buried in the sand according to given clues.

orientation camp7

And since they were suppose to look for it individually, the rest of them,

IMG_4387-1 played volleyball

IMG_4383or just posed as a mak cik.

The rain continued again after that and we were forced to cancel the plans for the rest of the day and pack up.

IMG_4390-1Group picture!

We left the beach at about 1200 and headed back to TBS.

orientation camp9 But of course, we stopped by for lunch.

orientation camp8And we thank Cookie for organizing this camp!
Get well from that nasty bite! :D