Monday, August 31, 2009

Cycling Pledge Expedition 2009

Hello to all members! I'm proud to announce that we've completed our Cycling Pledge Expedition 2009 which consists of 283km in total!

Congratulation to all cyclists of Sky Adventure Club! Throughout this journey, the members have pushed their own limit till the very end with their determination, perseverance and persistence!

Now, please allow me to present to you the photos and the short summary of our whole journey!

Day 1-20th August 2009

We departed from Taylor's Business School at 4.30pm & reached OLY Apartment around 8pm .We unpacked our luggage, went to dinner and prepared ourselves for the next day!

Day 2 - 21st August 2009

On the next morning, members woke up at 5.30a.m. to prepare themselves for the cycling pledge expedition. All members were dropped off in front of Equatorial Hotel (our starting point) before the luggage, bags and bicycles were loaded into the cars and sent to the starting point for second round. Mak See Kay (Cookie) who is the Fitness Director of SAC had a warm-up session before the cycling pledge started and Loong Yun Kit (Wolf) checked all the bicycles before the journey started. Other members helped out in pasting the sponsors’ logos and the slogans of global warming awareness on the cars. At around 8.00a.m, Loong Yun Kit (Wolf) gave his last briefing and we started our journey with the formation arranged by him

And then...

The journey started off from Equatorial Hotel was indescribable. It was fun and exciting. The members were fired-up and amazed by the downhill slopes. Despite the steepness of the slopes, members were reminded not to cycle too fast and must be alert at all times, particularly the rocks on the floor.

Cameron Highlands was not just purely downhill. There were also many steep uphill. At first, members struggled themselves to overcome the steep slope. However, this uphill caused the members to be even well warmed-up and hence further slopes did not hinder the members to complete the journey. Perseverance and determination did count!

With hours of cycling, we've covered 94km on the 1st day. We unloaded our luggage & overnight at Hotel Oriental & Restaurant, located at Kampar.

And these are the facial expressions after we reached Kampar:

Day 3 - 22nd August 2009

On the next day, members woke up at the same time, 5.30.a.m, Hoh Kar Ming (Kiwi), Miss Gomathi (Advisor-SandDragon) and a few members checked-out while other members packed their things, placed them on the cars and moved their bikes to a nearby petrol station for conveniences.

Without time wastage, members warmed-up themselves beside the petrol station. Without further delay, we started our journey at 7.a.m. sharp. Although the current roads were flat, there were a lot of cars, buses and motorbikes. Therefore, members were reminded to be more alert for the incoming vehicles. Furthermore, members encountered steep uphill-slope again; but they overcame it.

Despite the long journey and hot weather, the members still had fun with the camera:

With all the energy we used up, we stopped at Bidor to have our lunch:

After recharging ourselves, the members were back on the track!! & we cycled to Tanjung Malim!!

Around 12.30pm, the sky rained heavily. Despite that, we didn't stop at all and we pushed ourselves all the way to Tanjung Malim until we found a station to stop.

As the rain subsided, the members were back on track once again. However, the rain started to pour even heavier later on and the members were shivering due to the air movement while cycling. Besides, the air blown as the vehicles passed by. This was indeed a tough challenge to the members.

After an hour of cycling, the rain finally came to an end. Without further delay, the members continued to cycle until they reached Hotel Sahara Inn at Kampar, Perak. Members proudly announced that they reached Hotel Sahara Inn in the evening at around 4.30p.m which was ahead than the estimated time. Members managed to cover 98km on the third day.

Day 4 - 23rd August 2009

For the last day, the members woke up at 5.30a.m. The members did a warm-up session as the weather was cold. This was to ensure that the members will not have muscle cramps during the expedition.

The journey was smooth in the morning and there were some punctured tyres during the journey. The members stopped at a petrol station due to the swollen eyes Loong Yun Kit (Wolf) encountered. Tang Kah Tim (Kayu), one of the crew drove him to a nearby clinic but unfortunately the clinic was closed on Sunday. Therefore, Loong Yun Kit (Wolf) insisted to continue the journey and he clarified that he was still able to cycle.

In the afternoon, the members had lunch at Rawang and continued their journey after that. Once again, the members encountered much steeper uphill-slopes as compared to Cameron Highlands. Members struggled all the way up and the feelings were indescribable. The hot weather and the sore leg pulled down the stamina of the members.

However, the members were still able to go through it with few stops at the side of the hill. After that, there was a downhill slope which led the way back to Kuala Lumpur through Sungai Buloh areas.

And again, we encountered another route which was going up all the way!!

Before heading down to Sungai Buloh, we decided to take a group picture

The weather was extremely hot. Out of nowhere, Mak See Kay (Cookie) suggested us to fill tap water into those empty bottles so that the members could pour it on themselves to cool them down. Surprisingly, it worked!

Members came to a stop at a petrol station near the Subang Jaya International Airport and they gave their final push back to Taylor’s Business School. When they reached Kelana Jaya, the members were excited and hyped- up as they were getting closer to Taylor’s Business School. With the motivation they gave to each other, the members cycled all the way back to Taylor’s Business School and reached at 4.25p.m. Members finally covered the remaining 91km.

The coolest thing was, our member, Flowerhorn cried because she managed to cycle from Cameron Highland back to Taylor's Business School without givinig up!!

Congratulation to you Flowerhorn!!

Save your crystal tears for next year again !! *thumbs up*

Last but not least, we would like to thank our Organizing Chairperson and Assistant Organizing Chairperson:

Hon Yu Fai & Loong Yun Kit

also known as

Plaster & Wolf

Thanks to the crews and teacher advisor : Elephant, Alien, Fish & SandDragon!

To: The companies who have sponsored us (Chow Guan Sdn Bhd, Yeos and Insan Bakti )

If you're reading this, we would like to thank you for sponsoring us:

1. Yeos - for sponsoring us 10 cartons of Isotonic Drinks

2. Insan Bakti - for sponsoring us RM 500 for our Cycling Pledge Expedition

3. Chow Guan Sdn Bhd - for sponsoring us 15 EXITWAY Bikes, 18 Cyclists attire & 15 Helmets

Thank you to all of you. Your generosity have indeed helped us to make this event a success. We the Sky Adventure Club would like to express our gratitude to you! Thank you once again!!


p/s :
1. Videos will be posted up into either YouTube, Facebook or Multiply. Alien will be burning it, so please be patient =)

2. We've taken 1176 pictures for this Cycling Pledge Expedition! Did we just break the record? Haha!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

We're BACK!

Yo guys!!

All the cyclists and crews of SAC Cycling Pledge Expedition have came back!!

Post regarding this event will be posted A.S.A.P

Lots of picture are with the crews

So please be patient and wait for the update =)



Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ready for Cyclling Pledge 2009

The one and only one Cycling Pledge Expedition have arrived again!

The SAC members are ready for it and we are leaving from TBS at 4.30pm sharp!

Stay tune!

You will get to see all the Cool pictures soon!

2nd post

Attention to all

One of our Alumni:


Is escaping going back to US on the 21st of August 2009

We would like to hunt wish you all the best !!

Do remember to come back and visit us!!



Saturday, August 15, 2009

Arrivial of New Members

Yo SAC-ians! New members have arrived in our club. Interesting and funny names appeared now!

Start from the Left:
Sepet, Fish, Hornbill, ShinChan, Butter, Cricket, Lemon, Lidi

After Lidi, followed by:

Mummy, TauGei and Tweety

And again!
Cookie with her "hell"-trainings!

Started off with jogging & followed by skipping rope

and later followed by stretching and the activity above (which i dunno what does it called :P)

Last but not least

Our beh tahan Wolf!

More COOL & EXTREME activities awaiting the SAC new members!

Hope you guys do have lots of fun and once again:

Welcome to the club!!

p/s: Guys! Please do take care of yourself!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Incoming of New Members!

Updates regarding the arrival of the new members will be posted A.S.A.P

Please be patient!

P/s: Get well soon Flowerhorn!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Treasure Hunt 09-2nd Reqruitment

GOooooOOooooD MoOoooOooRning Fellow SAC-ians !!

We just had our Treasure Hunt on Wednesday & Thursday. Time flies isn't it ? New members are coming in very SOOooOOOOooN!

Having their fitness test on Wednesday.
( Other pictures are with the other crews & guides, will get it asap )


Having hard time to solve the riddle

Fitness Level Test

Lol. Look great isn't it ? xD

COooOOOoooL PaaaAaaPayaaAaaaaA

The mouse who misses her homeland

But in fact, she's juz faking. See how happy she is now

Elephant with his injured knee due to his massive fly-off from the SWING. Tee hee~

Here goes Flowerhorn, skip skip skip skip...with her yoga-ish style!

The Super Wolf

And we would like to thank Lalat
For organizing this Treasure Hunt
Thumbs up! =)

Our beloved Dragonaut, the future DOCTOR of SAC have came back from India,Manipal
He will be staying here at Malaysia for ONLY 3 and a half WEEKS!!
Do not miss this Golden Opportunity to grab / steal see him!!

* Don't you just miss his faces ? xD. Here you go! 16 pictures of him right here!! *

Great and COooOOOoOoL Pictures have been uploaded into Multiply!
Please do STALK have a sneak peak xD

p/s: Reminder, 2 more weeks to Cycling Pledge!!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Charity Carnival/ Recruitment

Today we participated in the Charity Carnival organized by the Student Council of TUC.
Not only we were recruiting new members, we were also selling Ribena+Lemonade drinks.

recruitment And so we started off with preparations.

IMG_3766 Ta da! We finally came up with this set up.

recruitment1 We even had Maggi going around with an impromptu sandwich board.

recruitment2 Then, it was time to work!

recruitment3 But being SAC-ians, it was definitely not just all work and no play.


IMG_3843-1IMG_3789 A visit from Plaster who is supposedly sick yet still eating waffle. Tsk tsk. Get well soon, fellow DD!

recruitment4  All these traditional hand games suddenly became a hit that day.

IMG_3831-1The Deadly Mouse.
Coming soon to cinemas near you. c:

And we thank Lalat for organizing this.

IMG_1624 I stumbled upon this picture where Lalat first registered as a member in SAC.

And now, he’s the one organizing the recruitment drive as the Membership Director.
Ironic much.


Corrupted after SAC?