Saturday, August 25, 2007

FUN night performance

SAC FUN night performance ~ Enjoy =)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Paintball , July 2007

On 28th of July 2007, there was a showdown at the Paintball Park in Subang Lake. The event was organized by Sky Adventure Club members, Timothy Lim Tian-Ming a.k.a Ice-T and Cimberly Lai SeYen a.k.a Laici and was attended by 13 members from S.A.C.

It started out with lunch in SeaView in Subang Jaya at 12 where the players started to gather. Not too long later, the rain came and our hopes for a good and dry game were washed away. But thankfully, the rain stopped not too long after our arrival at Subang Lake.

Before we began, we were briefed by the staff there about safety and the rules of Paintball, for example, no shooting at close range and to keep the gun locked once we were outside the cage. The 13 brave members who were playing divided into 2 different teams. One had 4 girls and 3 guys while another is made up of 3 guys and 3 girls.

And so it begins, a 6 on 7 match between the two teams has begun. We played in a cage filled with giant bags that we use as cover and advanced on the opposing team. The first round belongs to the team with 7 members. It was a total win with only 3 casualties.

The second round onwards, the tide turns a complete 180. Team 2, with only 6 members won the second to the last round with a complete victory streak with only about 2 to 3 casualties per round.

Even though it was a rough and wet game, it was still wonderful and fun, not to mention exhilarating game of paintball. In the end of the day, everyone was satisfied though tired from all that running around in the game. And that wraps it up for the Paintball game for S.A.C members of 2007. Hope to have another game next year.



Banana's Team

Charlie's Angels Version

Hippo , Kangaroo , Gorilla

Ocean , Pau2 , Alien

Lalang , Laici , Salad

Paintball War game

Hippo's Team


Kesian lalang ..lolx

Fellowship Unite Night 2007

As the title has indicated, it was a FUN night for Sky Adventure Club members that night. Orientation night is the nice where we, as the members of S.A.C are able to shine to new people that are about to enter Taylors college. With our booth, a tent with leaves and branches and a little miniature artificial fire set up beside our booth. There are also the bicycles that we got from LaReigh displayed there at the side together with pictures and the club mission and vision for people to read.

But that is not where the fun is. The fun starts when all of us were ushered to the main hall where all the newbies are. First performance was done by the Music Club singing a Chinese song. Next in line is the Chinese Society. They performed a sketch, showcasing why it is important to know mandarin. The next performance is of course, from yours truly, S.A.C. The performance had 4 different part to it. The first in 3 guys as the base, performing the base background for Stand By Me while the other members sang the lyrics and in the midst, the two main character, Hippo and Alien meet and fall madly in love. The next is when they pause and Lalang and Pau Pau sing a part palyed by Timon and Pumba in The Lion King, singing the end of their friendship with the arrival of the girl. The 3rd part of the performance focuses on a brown hippo singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight with 3 dancers mimicking the dog in the animation and lastly, to close the performance, all the dancers, 12 members danced to the tune of Bring It All Back by S Club 7. The last performance is an introduction by AISEC about their club and what their about.

All in all, it was a FUN night and after the event was over, about 10 members went up to Genting to simply enjoy the night with Cho Dai Di and yam cha at a mamak around the area. And to this event, it was truly, a FUN night for us.

Mother & Son ( Pau2 & King Kong )


Say Cheese =)