Friday, January 11, 2008

Alumni Dinner, 26 Oct 2007

On the 26th of October 2007, the Sky Adventure Club held our very first ever Alumni Dinner at Windmill Restaurant in SS12. All members gathered at TBS before departing for the restaurant at 7.20pm. Treading the steps to the first floor of the restaurant, we were welcomed by Bear Bear, Pau Pau and Lalang who had set up a reception desk in the dimly lit but nicely decorated space. Special guests at the event included our former advisor, Ms Dolly Saw and her husband, Mr Kitson (a.k.a Cucumber and the newly appointed Kitty) and also our alumni members who were Jakun, Baboon, Bamboo, Bubbles, Glue and Nemo.
Before dinner was served, Bear Bear (the OCP of the dinner) invited our former president, Hippo to deliver an opening speech. It was followed by a performance from the latest batch of Sky Adventurers who presented their own rendition of “Lang Hua Yi Duo Duo”. Accompanied by the lively tune and coupled with quirky actions, the performance was a great way to start off the night. Our savory dinner was served at about 8.30pm. The mouthwatering menu boasted of a shrimp cocktail as appetizer, main course of kebab, Stone Rosemary Chicken or grilled fish which was finished off with vanilla ice cream as dessert.
While enjoying our luscious dinner, we watched a slideshow showcasing our achievements for the year 2007. Beautiful memories flashed back and we had a laugh seeing the funny snapshots which were pure Sky Adventure genetics. Jakun, the founder of the club presented us with a video clip which captured moments from the alumni’s hiking trip to Gunung Nuang in June 2003. After that, our president, Dragoat and two vice presidents, Ocean and Pizza sang “Peng You” to the accompaniment of cheers and claps. Of course, the alumni members could not be spared the opportunity to perform, and so presented the crowd with a few English songs as well.
The night gave us all the opportunity to know more about the alumni members and what they are currently up to. All were successful in their own ways, letting us know that Sky Adventurers continue the legacy of accomplishment even after graduating. Before we ended our Alumni Dinner, all posed for the inevitable group photo. Some of the senior members will be leaving us next year to further their studies abroad or at other colleges, but they will definitely be remembered and invited for the next Alumni Dinner. The dinner capped off an interesting and successful year 2007 as we raise our glasses once again to toast Sky Adventure’s success!