Tuesday, June 24, 2008

SAC Farewell Hi-Tea

SAC had a Farewell Hi-Tea for the seniors who will soon be leaving. I'm sure we'll miss you all. Anyway, the hi-tea was held in Sunway Hotel. 20 SAC-ians attended the hi-tea, including current members, seniors who will be leaving, and also alumnis. What did we do there? of coz we ate, ate more, and ate even more. We also came up with a 'SAC Family Tree', where we linked and related everyone to everyone. The family tree diagram will be uploaded soon when Lalang uploads it in the forum. And now, pictures..

Attacking the food
Hippo and Alien. Hippo will be leaving us soon.

Banana and Rain. Rain will also be leaving us soon.

Bye bye Bear Bear

Laici and Gorilla. Both will also be leaving.

Tata Ocean

Sayonara Wanton

Last round of dessert anyone?

Planning the SAC Family Tree

A not-so-complete group photo.

After the hi-tea, some went shopping, most went arcade. We all had a great time. More photos are available in SAC multiply. Check it out! Lastly, ALL THE BEST to all the seniors who will be leaving.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

SAC Ninjitsu Training

Last Thursday, the new Fitness Director, Coffee prepared a very special training for us. Ninjitsu Bujinkan Fallings and Rollings. It is to help us reduce impact on the body when we fall.

Coffee getting us ready for the front fall.

Way to go Laici =P

Candit moments

Coffee in action!

More pictures are in the multiply. Click on the link at the side to view more pictures!

Friday, June 6, 2008

SAC Election 2008

Yesterday (5/6/08), SAC had their semi-AGM at LT4, TUCMC. After 2 hours of election, the following was the decided new BOD for second half of 2008.

Vice Presidents
Sponsorship Directors
Membership Director
Fitness Director
Documentary Directors
Quarter Master/Misteress

All the best to the new BOD, and also to the seniors who will be leaving us.
Hope I got the order correct. Any mistakes pls leave a comment. And I cant seem to get the alignment right. Sorry that its so messy. And now, pictures!!
Group Photo

Candit photo

Tks alot Teddy

Dinner at AC

"Where is my food??"

Thats all for now. Pls participate in the chatbox, and provide ideas on how to improve this blog. Tks

Irau Hiking Trip, 31st May- 1st June 2008

On 31st May 2008, 16 Sky Adventurers and 1 advisor embarked on the annual hiking trip up Gunung Irau. The trip lasted 2 days.
The hikers gathered as early as 5.45am on the first day at Taylor’s Business School. The reason for this unreasonably early meet-up was so that we could start our journey early to avoid traffic jam as it was currently the school holiday season. We departed at approximately 6.00am and arrived at Brinchang for breakfast at about 9.30am.
After making the usual report at the Brinchang police station to inform them of our trip (so that at least some form of authority would know if we did not return from our hike), we drove up the narrow path to the carpark at the foot of Gunung Irau.
Much to our disappointment, there was a sign at the carpark that says that the trail would be closed due to some construction work being done there. However, none of us would have it as we had looked forward to the trip and had sacrificed precious beauty sleep hours to be there. So, we barged in anyway, with backpacks intact and spirits ablaze.
It was not even 20 minutes into the hike when we were stopped short by a group of construction workers who were laying the foundation of a wooden walkway right in the middle of our way. When asked if we could proceed, they said that the walkway would obstruct our path and tomorrow, there will definitely be no path as there will be more foundation set up. We had no choice but to turn back and regroup at the carpark.
Still, some of us did not want to let go. Hippo, Gorilla, Elephant and Kayu went in once again with the club’s parang in hopes of discovering a new trail so that we can make our way around the construction area. And lo and behold, discover a new trail they did! At exactly 12.45pm, we entered the forest for the second time that day.
The 17 hikers slowly separated into more or less 2 groups during the hike up, which sometimes broke into a further 3 and back into 2. Along the way, rain poured for about half and hour and made conditions muddier for us. The first team reached the peak of Gunung Irau at 4.50pm in a fantastic 3 hour- and- 40 minute record. After scrubbing ourselves with baby wipes and changing into clean clothes, we scrambled into our tents as the rain came again. Preparations for our dinner began at 7.00pm when the rain stopped. Everyone gathered around the warm pot filled with sausages, assorted balls and other steamboat delicacies. Never had a simple steamboat dinner been more delicious than at the top of the icy cold Gunung Irau. After satisfying our groaning tummies, we settled in for the night to rest our tired bodies.
We woke up at about 7.00am the next day and had another wonderful meal. Our humble breakfast of bread with tuna or blueberry jam together with Campbell soup was almost like an exquisite cuisine. After packing up and taking some photos, we bid farewell to the peak at 9.30am and started our hike back down. The trip down took 3 different teams and the last arrived at about 2.00pm. After another bout of hard scrubbing and changing into clean clothes, we left for a much-awaited lunch at Brinchang’s KFC.
The hiking trip ended after that with some of us adjourning to buy strawberries and other Cameron Highland products, while the rest drove back to KL.