Sunday, February 14, 2010


Helloooooooo Fellow Readers!!!

Am really sorry on behalf of S.A.C for not updating this site for quite a while.

It's not that we do not have things to report, it's just, there are SO MANY things. ( You'll see!)

And as a college student, things can get pretty hectic.

I would like to just say that please do come back often, as it will be updated at least on a weekly basis.

You'll never know. I'm taking charge from now on. *grins*

Apologies for my shallow use of English and in the future as well.

So, a big congratulations to the new members of S.A.C of January 2010
and a very big thank you to those who have signed up.

Warming up!



Please do not be deterred and try again next time. The next intake will be on July 2010!!

Hey, you'll never know. We are always looking out for people!

And for those interested, just ask around Taylors College and you'll find out what it takes to join Sky Adventure Club.

Accomplish or do not begin

Believe us, we're that serious.

Ps. New Member(s), if you can find out who am I writing this post, you're in for a treat.

Signing off,