Sunday, June 28, 2009

cookie’s training

Once upon a pretty evening, 

DSC01726-1 the members of SAC trained their butts off at the Subang Lake.DSC01728From painful stretching

file 1to torturing sit ups.

DSC01731-1 But of course, some could take it just fine.

DSC01735-1DSC01741-1 And some absolutely did not.

DSC01745-1 While some exercised their rights as an alumni.

Recently Updated Whatever it is, we know Cookie’s out there to get us.

The End.

P.S – Farewell Dinner’s coming up!
It’s has been decided that it will be held at Sagano, Kuala Lumpur,
on the 17th of July (Friday).
For enquiries, please contact Lampu.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Hey guys

Due to some technical problems,

We would like to apologize for the late update again

We would like to thank you for visiting the blog often and of course your valuable patience


Stay tune!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Let's pray for Kiwi and Teddy who will be having their Finals tomorrow

Wish you guys all the best

And do conquer the test

p/s: I know, the picture look damm wrong! Hahaha!

**Please visit the forum as Nemo has posted a post regarding a new activity called SkyTrek. Please check it out! It is EXTREME!! Guys, leave your opinions there too =)

Link --> ... =713814946


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paintball + Dinner

*Edited version - at the most bottom of the post*

I present you the lengzais and lengluis of SAC!

SAC-sians had a Paintball session after the day of election and was organized by Peanut, our new Secretary, at Mudtrekker, Sungai Buloh

Team A - Coffee,Elephant,Pizza,Wolf, Lalat, Maggi, Lampu, Banana, Cheese, Cookie, few AdventuRace champs
Team B - Egg,Plaster,Peanut,Hero,Gorilla,Ocean, Coconut, Nottie, Nemo,Pig and few AdventuRace champs

1st & 2nd round, Team A pawned Team B severely. 3rd round held in a mini forest, which was won by Team A. Later on, everybody team up randomly and play " 1 Life " game.
At the end of the day, Team A won and appears to be the champion for the overall game!

After that, we went to Telok Gong to eat seafood. Nemo ordered mamitte prawn, crabs, veggies, chicken, taofu and etc..

Nemo was telling his old man story that according to Thailand's tradition, the last person who took the last dish will be able to find his/her partner way earlier.
Guess who took the last dish ? Find it out from them, haha

I would like to say that, not only we had the fun but there are also other people who had fun as well.
Can you guess who are they ?

Highlight here --> MOSQUITOES

Yupe. SAC-sians blood are tasty for them

Last but not least, a big THANK to all the drivers : Pizza, Rain, Lalat, Banana, Wolf
And of course to our alumnis : Gorilla, Ocean, Nemo

Happy at 1st, Quarreled at last ?
Can they become the next SAC couple ?!?
What do you think !?
*Cheers Coco and Cookie! Juz an entertainment xD*

p/s : Paintball and election photos were posted up in multiply. Orientation Camp at Port Dickson will be posted up into multiply during the midnight. Have fun viewing and grabbing it!


SAC Second Term Election '09

180609. Election for the second term was conducted.

Teddy,as the ex membership director listing out the eligible members.

Members listening attentively.

Tortured candidates.

Finally, the Board of Directors were decided as follows:

Members and latest alumni of Sky Adventure Club

Note : I can’t tell which is the candid picture. The people who were posing decently in the first picture, aren’t posing decently in the second one and vice versa. Go figure. :)

Those who use to update this.
I know you’ll miss this job. Heh. :D


Hey Guys!

Due to some technical problems

We would like to apologize for the late update of the 2nd term election of S.A.C

Meanwhile, please enjoy this short clip



p/s : Credits go to Pizza and Papaya, pls give them a round of applause!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Short Announcement

This is just a temporary update

Updates about S.A.C 2nd term Election will be updated soon

Please be patient and stay tune!

Best Regards,

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Guys....

Hello people!! Last Thursday we had a birthday celebration for Papaya, Nottie and Mouse...while this Thursday for Egg's was indeed a busy month for out wallets as money keeps flowing out for cake and more CAKE...he-he

Anyway, lets see some pictures to see how we celebrated their birthdays...^-^
Firstly, last Thursday, we bought a cute little cake to celebrate Papaya, Nottie and Mouse's birthdayssss...of course, it was a surprise, as usual...

Unfortunately, it was SAM's holiday and Mouse couldn't make it...back to her hometown in Kuantan, anyway, we did not leave you out Mouse!! take a look at the cake, your name was at the BOTTOM!!he-he...

Of course, Papaya and Nottie were more than happy to blow off the candles and makan happily... Birthday boy and girl... Oh oh...the strawberry is so tempting... This is Nottie, posting with her strawberry.. Teddy, i know u are hungry, but wait for your turn...he-he

And then there was a NOT-SO-SURPRISE party for Egg...he he, guess she saw where the cake was hiding...

Yum Yum... Wonder what Alien doing there... Egg, Happy Birthday!!